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Our Services

There are two GP Practices providing a service to the home.  Dental services are accessed from local practices.  There are visiting Optical Services, Chiropody, Reflexology and Massage for those unable to access these facilities in the community.
GP referrals are made for those requiring physiotherapy, a dietician, or other specialist services.

Contact with Family and Friends

Resident’s family, relatives and friends are encouraged to visit regularly and maintain contact by letter or telephone when visiting is not possible. In these cases, staff will offer to assist the Service User to respond where help may be needed.


Arrangements are made with the local clergy to hold a monthly service within the home. Residents may wish to attend religious services either within or outside the home. If services are outside the home, the resident should, if necessary and where possible, arrange for transport and accompaniment with friends or relatives. In the event of this not being possible, care staff may accompany residents on specific occasions if staffing levels permit.

Social Activities, Hobbies & Leisure Interests

When a resident is admitted to the home, they are encouraged to maintain any interests and hobbies they had prior to admission, wherever this continuance can be reasonably facilitated. Every assistance will be given to obtaining the necessary equipment and materials for their hobbies or pastime. Two computers have been installed with internet and SKYPE access to enable residents to keep contact with their families.